Luxury Chauffeur Services for Business

Chauffeur-driven for Business

Business users appreciate the importance of arriving at a meeting refreshed and in style. When you travel with Certus Cars there is no taxi to the station, waiting on cold platforms, sitting in a public carriage before catching another taxi to their destination.
Luxury Chauffeur Services for Business
The cost of a chauffeur driven service is comparable to travelling from Bristol to London return by train in first class. However, you will never again consider first class by train to be comparable with First Class by Certus Cars.
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When you travel with Certus Cars you will be met from your home, hotel, airport or office and driven in peace and privacy allowing you to work (our cars come with 4G WiFi), talk confidentially with colleagues and clients, sleep or simply enjoy the ride in the knowledge that, if you would like to pull over and stretch your legs then it’s only a short wait until the next service station.
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For your convenience your driver will make contact with you the day before you travel (usually by text) to confirm pick-up time and destination. He will arrive before the appointed time and will endeavour to remove any stress normally associated with travelling.
Each time the passengers leave the car, the car will undergo an internal valet ensuring supreme cleanliness and service.
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Price Comparison Table

For one person travelling first class by train from Bristol to London vs. travelling in style with Certus Cars (15/10/2015).

By Train

With Certus Cars


£350 (Standard Rate)

*A person travelling by train could easily spend an additional £80 on station parking and taxis – with Certus Cars it is all inclusive. Please call us for a quote.