Reasons to Choose a Chauffeur for your Airport Transfer

Why Choose a Chauffer for Airport Transfers?

Getting ready for a holiday? Whether for business or pleasure in an ideal world you arrive at the airport and your jetting off to a faraway destination. However, the reality of this is a little less seamless. After providing an executive chauffeur service for over twenty years, our fully trained and professional executive chauffeurs with unrivalled experience with business and leisure travellers our airport service offers executive travel that is both fast and reliable.

Getting from the airport to your hotel in London can be time consuming and expensive, however Certus Cars airport transfer service makes business and leisure travel easy offering a full-service making business and leisure travel easy, offering a full-service airport shuttle at an affordable price! Our locally – knowledgeable Certus Cars drivers will negotiate the busy Woking road networks safely, delivering weary travellers to their hotels, or business meetings in an efficient and stylish manner.

Advantages of Taking a Chauffeur Driven Car to the Airport

You Save Time

Nobody wants to wait in line at the airport to get a taxi or haul luggage through terminals. The stress that comes with airport transportation can be exhausting and stressful. Using airport transportation takes away this stress as you have a car ready and waiting for you at the airport. Also, your luggage would be actively cared for by your designated driver. Drivers also have instructions to wait for you in the event of a flight delay.

Safe Travel

There is always a chance to lose your bags in the public transport. Don’t think when getting on the Tube trains will be empty. They are overcrowded both on working days and weekends. The same is with the buses or trains. It is easy to lose your belongings. By choosing private car hire, you can be sure, that your luggage is kept safe.

The other benefit being that in comparison with rental car, which you have to drive by yourself here a well-trained and instructed driver will get you through the city street jungle.


Private cars are pretty much more comfortable than any express trains. There is a wide variety of car types from saloon cars to estate. Normal saloon cars can bear up to 4 passengers with 2 big cases of luggage. Estate cars are for bigger amount of luggage and can also carry 4 people. The other standard types/ MPV or 8 seated/ will carry from 6 to 8 people. All of our chauffeur driven cars are luxurious vehicles, air conditioned, quiet, with extra space for you to relax.

Travelling with small children or disabled people can be difficult, not to mention impossible sometimes with minicabs or other private cars the customers can require a child seat or special wheelchair adapted vehicles.

Door Step Arrival

It is easy to get lost in unfamiliar landscape, those who decide to use public transport usually have made preliminary plan and double checked all stops, timetables, routes and connection points. In case you want to avoid complicated research, you can rely on airport transfer. Any chauffeur driven car will take you right to your door.

Take Everything You Need

Airport transfer is best choice in case you travel with heavy luggage, sports equipment, household items, musical instruments and many more items that cannot be carried easy in the public transport. Almost all operators limit their passengers with the luggage- up to two 20-kilogram cases and one hand bag. And this all you can take. As for those, who do not have limitations, it is because whether or not a single person cannot carry more pieces than these listed above.

No Extra Cost

One of the major concern travelers have when they hire cars at the airport is the fact that they have to deal with associating costs such fuel cost. However, when you use airport transfers you only pay once at the point of application. The service provider bears all the extra costs associated with the fare.

Why Should I Choose Certus Cars for a Private Airport Transfer?

When you choose Certus Cars for airport service you can be sure you are in the safest of hands. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to chauffeuring and we will make sure that you arrive at the airport on time, efficiently through a professional service. Our team will do their upmost to ensure we are ready on your airport arrival.